The last time we checked in on Julia Roberts she was “passing the mic” to Dr Anthony Fauci on her Instagram about COVID-19, using her platform to help educate and inform. Today she’s using her platform in allyship: 


Julia Roberts has been America’s Sweetheart for 30 years. Think of the people who are her fans, some of them at least, and what their perspectives might be, how they feel about Black Lives Matter. Those three words should not be as controversial as they’ve become. For whatever reason though (answer: racism), there are those who always come with the “but”. You know what follows the “but”, right? Probably there are a lot of All Lives Matter people who love Julia Roberts. I wonder how they’ll react to Julia aligning herself with BLM. But remember, even if they do yell at her, it won’t be as viciously as they yell at Black people. I know this because I see it. Whenever we talk about race on our shows, or here on the site, the even though we’re all expressing the same views, the same outrage, the Black women inevitably get trashed on social media much harder than the non-Black people. That, too, is a privilege. And this is Julia’s message – and the message she is pushing forward from Julianne Moore and those who’ve been forwarding the caption: “White privilege is real. Take a minute to consider a Black person’s experience today”.

In addition to that Instagram post, here’s Julia out running errands and check out her mask. She’s wearing a mask with President Barack Obama’s face on it. Julia Roberts is no stranger to fame. She knows that every time she steps out, she could be photographed. And she probably has more than one mask. I choose to believe that this mask selection was deliberate. Because there is no way she supports the f-ckwit currently in the Oval Office who doesn’t believe in masks during the pandemic. That probably won’t play well with the All Lives Matter people either.