Angelina Jolie was photographed yesterday out with Miss Zahara and Vivienne leaving the mall. This is, of course, after her big Comic-Con appearance where she was officially announced as a member of the  Marvel family, cast as Thena in The Eternals… or Eternals

We’ve now been through a decade of Marvel movies and building the Avengers. Most of the success is because the movies are well made, the stories are well told. But part of it has to do with chemistry and how the Avengers interacted with each other on and off set. When the OG Avengers, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Jeremy Renner got matching tattoos around the time of Infinity War coming out, to mark the end of their time together, the fandom exploded with feels. We believed they were tight – they WERE tight – and that only added to the narrative. 

So I’m curious about the bond between the Eternals. It’s the beginning, and they’ve just all gathered in Hall H and taken their first group shot…


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And already the friendships are starting to emerge. Kumail Nanjiani and Brian Tyree Henry seem close already. Check out Kumail’s post on IG – and Brian’s comment underneath:


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“Never leave my side.” 


It’s funny and it’s also really cute and sweet. 

Where Angelina Jolie is concerned though, through her career, we haven’t typically seen her as part of a “team”, like a work team. We know she has friends – Marianne Pearl, Loung Ung etc – but she’s never been of a Hollywood friend circle. Not that she needs to be. I mean Angie’s brand, whether or not it’s accurate (probably not that accurate), is that she’s a badass lone wolf. As an Eternal though, Angie’s not on her own. Look at this:


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Now I can’t wait to see how this set is going to feel. What kind of fun, goofy shenanigans we’ll get from production. When she was shooting with Elle Fanning on Maleficent 2, Elle shared a photobomb shot of the two of them, and since Angie rarely pops up on celebrity social media, it was a side to her that people really responded to. 

Eternals is coming November 2020, not too far away when you consider filming and post and when they’ll start releasing teasers and trailers and more, especially as Eternals are relatively unknown, they’re starting almost from scratch on awareness. Marketing is going to be really important to build the interest. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy – and THAT too was a cast that was exceptionally silly and supportive and bonded.