January 2021 has not been Armie Hammer’s best month. Pretty sure you don’t need a refresher on why but just in case, you can revisit Maria’s posts about it here, here, and here. Basically it’s been alleged through leaked messages he supposedly exchanged with former lovers that he’s been abusive in relationships and cannibalism has been casually tossed around here and there so, you know, not exactly your garden variety celebrity scandal. 


As a result of this mess, Armie’s already dropped out of (or was removed from) a project he was supposed to work on with Jennifer Lopez – who is presumably not disappointed – and yesterday Variety reported that he’s no longer attached to The Offer, a planned ten-part series about the making of The Godfather. So that’s two jobs he’s either voluntarily exited or that he’s been involuntarily exited from. 

And then, around the same time that bit of news was being digested, we learned that his Call Me By Your Name teammates, Timothee Chalamet and Luca Guadagnino, could be starting a new project without him called Bones & All, based on a YA novel about a girl “searching for her father and trying to control her desire to eat people” (per Vulture) which is…  

Some of kind of dark f-cking magic. Either the universe has a more twisted sense of humour than we ever thought or this is one of the biggest cons in a long time. Like, could it be a set-up, a scam? Is this some Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix, I’m Still Here sh-t? Because how…?! 


But also, I would really prefer not to think any more about Armie Hammer and whatever f-cksh-t he was or wasn’t doing and focus on the potential lead actor, alongside Timmy, of Bones & All: Taylor Russell. She’s Canadian. She broke out in a film called Waves last year because she’s so talented, a real scene-stealer, like we are going to be hearing A LOT about Taylor in the next few years and … will we be shipping her and Timmy if this movie happens? Can we go back to that kind of wholesome gossip instead of, you know, toes and other body parts?