I’ll be honest, the celebrities have me down and out this week! I’ve had a few requests come in that “should” be easy but have been pretty hard to pinpoint. I’ll start with those first and some theories on why searching for specific pieces is so hard right now. 


First off, many have asked me how I do my searches and my number one tip is: hide your search history. If you click a link from Google (which I know not everyone uses but it is the dominant search engine), that link will follow you to the afterlife. Google does not forget a damn thing and it is incredibly hard to refresh content and see new pieces because the sponsored content is prioritized and then you get fast fashion scraps. It’s extremely frustrating so to counteract this I often clear my cookies and rework my wording, even slightly. Switch up the description, remove and add details to see if results change and don’t rely on small details to find an item (but those details are helpful in identifying an exact piece). 

My next step is to check social media tags and brand feeds because unless it’s a super high-end couture lines, most want to capitalize on the celebrity exposure. 

The next step is patience (which is being tested this week) because some celebrities get pieces before they hit the market and there’s really no way to tell if something is a preview or has been gifted.

Finally, celebrities are people too and have stuff they wear for years or might walk into a store and pull something they like even if it isn’t a big name brand. Not every piece can be found. This is my journey!

With that, I am working on Lupita’s full look from last week (see the pap shots here). This sweater should be a cake walk and yet… I’m coming up with nothing so far. The other thing I want to point out is her jeans because many years ago, a friend of mine noted that distressed or boyfriend jeans always have two knee rips or no knee rips. I didn’t believe her at first but over time I came to agree that the single knee rip is actually pretty rare. Same with her glasses – the geometric shape is usually rimless or has a gold rim but these appear to have a black rim and gold trim and arms. These are small details that make a huge difference. 


Then there’s JLo’s elastic waist jeans (seen in the photos from this Mother’s Day post) that are not quite a paper bag style. Lately, JLo has been wearing Frame palazzo jeans and SLVRLAKE but these ones are different – and the tag is very unusual. Today’s designer jeans are purposefully minimal with the branding (Gen X has PTSD from Rock & Republics) but these have stitching on the back pocket and a fairly large brown tag. Who makes these jeans? Are they from her extensive collection – or is this a pair that hasn’t been released yet? My instinct is telling me Ralph Lauren. Hmmmm. 

I also received a request for sunglasses, but this is where things get tricky: these Gucci frames are as close as I’ve gotten for the photo below but these Aire glasses are pretty damn close too (and only $59US). However, in some of the pap shots she is wearing a different pair of sunglasses with gold accents. Did she buy a pair? She and Emme were shopping. 

Jennifer Lopez shopping in Beverly Hills


Aire sunglasses



Dead Ringer eyeglasses

This request is kind of funny because actress Jennifer Ehle did an interview with Vulture and these glasses were specifically mentioned and she forgot the brand name (!!!!). She mentioned that the frames are very expensive but Jennifer, this is not that helpful! Seriously, there was a whole question about how integral these glasses are to the character and we get no brand name. This is malpractice. There are several fashion forums and websites looking for these frames and I have looked at upwards of a thousand frames and not seen anything that comes close but I’m not giving up. This is like Claire Dane’s red belt in Fleishman is in Trouble. 


Summer House Sweatpants

The show is a real snooze this season but in my opinion this is the best dressed cast on reality TV. The caveat here is the reunion because something about reunions require ugly dresses, I don’t know if Bravo mandates sequins and metallics but the fashion at any reality TV show reunion is like going back in time 10-15 years. That said, the women on Summer House have a great house/casual/vacation wardrobe and my favourite is Amanda Batula’s sweatpants. The brand is Joah Brown and unfortunately these sweats are expensive and amazing. I hate when that happens! 

Shay Mitchell’s Criss-Cross Jeans

Finally, something I can find! This style of criss-cross waist was really big about 8 years ago thanks to R13 but that was a more severe look. The updated version is a little more subtle and I love it. These are AGOLDE.


Timmy’s Tank Tops

Yesterday Lainey wrote about Timmy’s style vibe but it’s not the Chanel that stands out for me, it’s the white tank top. Hanes makes the best ones -soft, worn-in but not too floppy, flattering – in multi-packs wherever you get your stuff (Costco, Walmart, Amazon). I would take a Hanes tank top over a designer brand any day. (While we are at it, I just bought a 4-pack of Hanes boys crewneck t-shirts in white and the fabric and fit for me is better than any t-shirt I’ve had.)