It’s been a week since we found out that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are a thing, when they were spotted together in Cuba. Then on the weekend they were photographed heading to Costa Rica and making out at the airport. Here they are, in Costa Rica, leaving no doubt about their status while walking on the beach: 

Are we doing a portmanteau for them? Ben and Ana. Ben…Ana. Benana? Like banana? Sorry, I’ll see myself out. 

Now that this is a confirmed new couple, there are all kinds of reports about their relationship. PEOPLE has a source who says they had “great chemistry” when they were shooting together on Deep Water but that it didn’t start until after production had wrapped. Ummm… sure, but he was seen “spitting game” at Ana at dinner in New Orleans (where they were filming) in January.

I mean, I don’t know why they need to go out of the way to clarify the start of their romance, like they’re so professional they would never fall in love on set. People fall in love on set all the time! No one’s out here judging that in show business – it’s actually part of the draw of show business; it might be the only business where it’s more actively encouraged than anywhere else. So, again, why the need to reassure? And is it actually not for the benefit of the public but maybe for other people in their lives?