Compared to some other months since last April, January 2022 has been quiet on Bennifer watch. They’ve been seen a couple of times out for lunch and with their kids but the frequency of these occasions has been much less than before. It could just be that they’re busy and don’t have a lot of time for lunch or shopping where the paps will be. Or maybe strategic, for a variety of reasons: Ben’s Oscar nomination hopes and also the upcoming release of JLo’s Marry Me, due out on February 11. That’s been her big push for weeks. Here’s her latest Instagram post – and, as ever, promoting two projects at once. 


The main message here is the movie. But also… Coach has been tagged on the bag. The bag is fine, but I care more about those boots. They’re SO good. Here’s a side angle: 

Jennifer Lopez's Instagram story

As we get closer to the premiere of Marry Me, though, here’s what I’m thinking about – as we have seen, JLo has joined Ben a few times on red carpets for his projects, The Last Duel and The Tender Bar. Now that she has a film coming out, will he be on the red carpet for her premiere? If, of course, his schedule allows? He was seen yesterday location-scouting for an upcoming project…

But only after he said goodbye to Jennifer outside of his home so for those who were wondering, yes, they’re still solid. Solid enough for her to be wearing her B-E-N necklace in a fashion post five days ago.