Here are some new shots of Ben Affleck being directed by George Clooney on the Boston set of The Tender Bar. This is the first good look of Ben in costume from the era – JR Moehringer’s story takes place in the 70s and that’s definitely what we’re working with here. So that’s two film sets that are making 70s style headlines right now: The Tender Bar and also House of Gucci with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. This could be what Fall 2021 streetwear, or social media wear, might look like. 


As for how Ben looks, I don’t mind it. It’s actually quite similar to his costume from Argo. Argo was set in the late 70s, Ben also wore his hair a little longer in that film. But there’s a bit of Gigli in here too, can you see it? I think for me it’s that leather jacket – not quite as cheesy here in The Tender Bar as it was in Gigli because it was actually a leather blazer (LOL), but in combination with the convertible, etc, I think you can see where my mind was connecting it, right? 

Anyway, in previous posts about this movie, we haven’t addressed what character Ben will be playing in the film – apparently the update is that he’ll be Uncle Charlie, a father figure in the story, with Tye Sheridan taking on JR Moehringer who wrote The Tender Bar based on his childhood and adolescence in Long Island. If they’re staying true to the book, presumably Ben’s in a supporting role, unless they’ve updated the screenplay to give Uncle Charlie a bigger presence. What I’m getting at here, with Ben in a supporting role, is whether or not Ben will be an award season contender for Best Supporting Actor. 


Obviously this is WAY early, I get it. That said, given the Clooney-Affleck track record, and the critical acclaim Ben received for his performance in The Way Back, and his general popularity in the industry, and George’s popularity as they campaign together, this is the category where I could totally see the Academy rewarding him. 

Interestingly enough, as Sarah wrote earlier in her piece about Disney shifting dates for its upcoming film releases, Ben and Ana de Armas’s erotic thriller, Deep Water, directed by Adrian Lyne, has been moved to January 2022. Ben also has Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel due out at Christmas later this year. Both are scheduled right in the thick of next year’s award season. We don’t know yet when The Tender Bar is coming out but George isn’t Terrence Malick, he usually turns sh-t around pretty quickly. If he can get it done for 2021, there’s going to be a LOT of Ben at the end of this year. He could be campaigning for an award, while promoting multiple projects, one of them with his ex-girlfriend. You know who’s always brought him an advantage though? His ex-wife, Jennifer Garner who covers the new issue of PEOPLE. So curious to see what all of this is going to look like when that time comes around.