You know another thing the Emmys have over the Oscars? Or any award show that features a wider variety of performers? Men’s fashion. Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are not bringing this flair to the Dolby. And that’s why every award show and red carpet producer wants Billy Porter at their event. Because Billy Porter gives the people what we want! 


He’s serving a neckpiece and angel wings and a jumpsuit and gloves and earrings and, to be honest, you know who could have used some of this? Regé-Jean Page. I’m not saying he should have broken out in Duke of Hastings cosplay but for his first Emmys, and as a nominee no less, why not have some fun with it? I get it that RJP is moving away from Bridgerton, and he seemed to be the only one holding down the Bridgerton side last night as almost everyone else is in the UK working on season two. But it’s not like we haven’t seen him bring the flair before. He just showed up at the GQ Men of the Year event a couple of weeks ago in a really great green suit. So while last night was classic, it was also kind of underwhelming. And now I’m wondering if he might go through a “take me seriously” phase as he distances himself from his breakthrough role. It’s a commonly tread path that other actors before him have gone down and, frankly, it’s rather limiting. But it’s the kind of advice that Hollywood agents and managers have given in the past that still disappointingly shows up in practice today. 


Is this too much of a leap of speculation to be making based on one outfit at the Emmys? Sure. But don’t forget that work happens at the Emmys. And clothes are part of the image. And image is part of the work. Many of these people you saw last night are dressed by committee – an entire team weighs in on an appearance. And I would like to know what discussions were had about RJP’s choice. 

Especially since that choice made it so that, at least in my feed, he was overshadowed by so many others. Like Bowen Yang’s silver boots. How many of us, the moment we saw these boots, wanted to know where to buy? These are excellent – and they’re Syro, a queer-centered Asian brand out of Brooklyn. I’ve been checking out the website all morning and I’m interested in a pair called “AMI” - but if you click on the link, look at the descriptor. “Practicunt.” LOLOLOLOLOL, that is exactly the energy I want to be flexing when I’m wearing them. 


But how about Daveed Diggs’s sequined ombre suit jacket? In the past we’ve seen this on a dress, and now it’s migrated over to tuxedos, making tuxedos so much exciting, so much more visually interesting. 

That’s been Leslie Odom Jr’s lane for the last couple of years on the carpet – he’s always experimenting with colours and fabrics, and this time it’s all white, embellished, including the t-shirt underneath. Again, something we typically see on a dress and now they’ve incorporated it into suits. 

And look at Kenan Thompson in pink! Kenan was a nominee for his work on Saturday Night Live but he’s also got his own sitcom, Kenan, to promote. So he’s stepping up as a show lead, in a show lead outfit. Which is exactly the right way to go. That’s a note for Regé-Jean Page.