Blake Lively is promoting All I See Is You, out in limited release on October 27, costarring Jason Clarke, in which she plays a blind woman who starts to get her sight back but suspects that her relationship might not be what she thought it was now that she can see.

On Friday she was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon talking about her youngest daughter, Ines, as a “baby Viking”. They also dance battled. Here she is in New York this morning making the talk show rounds. The colour theme of the day so far appears to be yellow. So far there have been two outfits – a strapless gown with a big yellow flower over the right side, perfectly suitable for daytime, and an all-yellow flare-legged pantsuit which she can totally pull off because she’s so tall. A small quibble though about the pockets?


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I f-cking hate when this happens. It makes me crazy. You see the outline of the pockets? Pants like these don’t need pockets. Nobody is going to use those pockets. NOBODY. And there are few people who can wear them without showing the outline of the pockets – not even Blake Lively!

Blake’s been known to make multiple wardrobe changes during a day of press. So we’ll likely see a lot more of her fashion showcase in the next few days. You know, because fashion isn’t a valuable business asset for actresses, right?