Here are Brad Pitt (or as Sarah calls him, Budget Redford) and Scott Eastwood’s new best friend on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As Kathleen just wrote, there’s an expectation when you socialize with Leo. You can’t dunk on Leo. Leo has to remain the Alpha of the Wolfpack (there is no more fronting like you’re cool when you and your friends name yourselves the Wolfpack) at all times. What about when he’s at work though? And what about when he’s at work with someone like Brad Pitt

Last week, Kathleen reminded us of the time Leo and his Posse of Wolf Pussies tried to step to George Clooney and his boys and got their asses handed to them and what George said about how much smack Leo was talking and what that said about who he surrounds himself with. Typically, when Leo’s on set, he’s not only the Alpha Wolf in his mind but also the Alpha Actor, the one with the brightest star power. There are exceptions, of course. I’m thinking of The Departed when he co-starred with his contemporaries Matt Damon and Marky Mark. Mark Wahlberg wasn’t the super-producer then that he is now but even still, those two, Matt and Marky, are Boston assholes. Leo didn’t have too many scenes with either. The whole point was that he was undercover so the story didn’t call for them to have to be on set together all the time. When they did find themselves around each other though, did Leo swing his dick around them? 

And then, of course, there’s Tom Hardy who’s worked with Leo a few times, including on The Revenant. That’s when, as we all know, Tom slapped the sh-t out of Alejandro G Inarritu. No, sorry, he choked him out. I’m thinking, then, that Leo probably didn’t try to get all big and bad in Tom Hardy’s face. If he ever really gets big and bad at all. Leo’d be the one who orders his pack to get big and bad for him. With that in mind then, what are he and Brad talking about when they’re not rolling? 

They do have a friend in common. Brad and Edward Norton are close. And Edward and Leo have been known to spend time together. Edward mocked Leo a couple of years ago with Jimmy Fallon about how Leo’s that guy who is always, always asking his phone to tell him “where’s the party?” Is that annoying for Brad? Or does he now want to know where the party is too?