Well speaking of Brad Pitt, PEOPLE just posted the most nothingburger article about him this morning. The headline:

Brad Pitt Is ‘in a Better Place’ Amid Divorce Proceedings with Angelina Jolie: Source

There are no real details in the report. The report is based entirely on this: 

Lately, the actor “seems to be in a better place,” says a source. “The separation was very dark for him, but lately he looks healthier and happier. He seems excited about life.”

I could have made this observation. Here’s how: 

“In looking at new photos of Brad, he seems to be in a better place. The separation was dark for him, as any separation for anyone would be dark, but lately he looks healthier and happier and I’m basing this on the new pictures of him from Oscar weekend. And he seems excited about life, because in these photos he is smiling.”

The new photos I’m referring to are shots of Brad from last Thursday at the Gersh Agency pre-Oscar party at Chateau Marmont. This is where he ran into Tiffany Haddish. I was wondering, after seeing Tiffany at the Gersh party, whether or not she’ll be changing agencies soon. She’s a major force right now. Everyone is interested. 

You see what Tiffany Haddish has become? This was supposed to be a post about Brad Pitt and I’m wondering about her career. That said, it’s not like PEOPLE gave us anything real here. He’s in a “better place”. Do we take that at face value or is this the next phase of whatever rollout he may or may not be engineering?

As for the real story of how Tiffany met Brad, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned it last week in their party roundup: 

When THR arrived just after 9:30 p.m., Brad Pitt was standing at the top of the stairs where he was stopped by Haddish with a major question. "Do you recognize me now!" the actress and Oscar presenter said, to which Pitt replied no. "I'm from Girls Trip, you haven't seen it?"

"I'm going to see it now," Pitt told Haddish, who had a quick comeback. "They say that I'm the breakout star of the year, you gotta see it. Let's go, let's get in the elevator together." And so they did, and off they went along with Pett-Dante and members of Haddish's entourage.

Cynthia Pett-Dante is Brad Pitt’s manager, the blonde woman in these photos and the only person he would pose with at the party.