But first, let’s talk about this New York Times interview with Dr Neri Oxman. Great read. She is fascinating. Much too fascinating, probably, for Brad Pitt. And yet. Somehow earlier this year there were suggestions that they were spending time together, originated by Page Six. Page Six is not known to hang out on Ivy League campuses, not known to be embedded in art-architecture academia circles. It sure made Brad look good for a minute though, non? Oh but remember, he doesn’t leak stories to the media. 

During her interview with the NYT, Dr Oxman “said emphatically” that “they are not dating”. Maybe I’m being too much of a tight ass but I note the verb tense here. Dr Oxman, I suspect, understands gossip. Maybe she appreciates it. Because that leaves room for past tenses. And other past possibilities. Later on in the piece she reveals how she had some fun with the paparazzi and took advantage when she was getting papped to make sure she was holding a certain book. Classic celebrity move. She’s a gossip gamer. 

I think we’ve established over the years what a dirty f-cking place Hollywood can be. And the dirty games that celebrities in Hollywood play with and against each other. You know which buttons to push when you’ve shared a home with someone for over a decade – on both sides. And I wonder if Brad played these cards specifically to elicit a certain reaction, a long(ish) con for someone to fall into and then lash back that played right into his hand. 

In other Brad news, here he is on set in costume with Leonardo DiCaprio last night, still working on that Quentin Tarantino movie. Brad looks like he’s dressed as a Ken doll. Leo looks like he’s cosplaying a Goodfella. Between them, I guess I’ll go Brad. Brad’s almost a full decade older than Leo and, well, Leo’s not really taking advantage of that. If I’m Brad, I’m standing next to Leo any chance I get.