Today is Brad Pitt’s birthday. It’s also Katie Holmes’s birthday and I’ve been trying to Gossip Genie these two for months now. Probably won’t happen. Because he’s getting back together with Jennifer Aniston??? More on that in a minute. 

Brad spent the night before his birthday in LA at a Q&A for Once Upon a Time …in Hollywood with Leonardo DiCaprio who is fresh off his 2019 dance moves at Diddy’s birthday party – still the best thing that’s happened this week. Should we revisit that? Here’s Leo bringing back his audition moves from Making the Band.  


But about to that Q&A. It’s award season. And this is the last push before the holidays to make their case for Oscar nominations as voting to determine which films and performances will be nominated begins January 2 and ends January 7, two days after the Golden Globes. It’s a short window during a shortened season. So that’s why this week is critical for campaigning. If, that is, Brad Pitt is campaigning at all. Oh, right. He’s not campaigning, remember?  

As for Jennifer Aniston – yesterday I posted about him being at her Christmas party and whether or not that means they’re slow-rolling a reconciliation. I remain unconvinced but this is what people are talking about and some are hoping for and I’m actually wondering…why? Like specifically if you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston, why would you want this for her after all that… DRAMA?! 

If you and your ex-husband broke up and he went onto an epic relationship with the Angelina Jolie of your circle, with six children, and for over a decade you were part of the gossip love triangle of our time, playing the part of the jilted woman … how would you feel if people wanted you to flip it and reverse it? If it were me, I’d be pissed. You want me to go back to that?! 

On Brad’s end, here’s a straight dude’s perspective: I was talking to Jamar McNeil, morning co-host on Chum 104.5 here in Toronto, about this today on the air and he was like… let me tell you how I see it, as a man who’s been there. Women have long memories. And if I were Brad, I’d be worried that I’d be hearing it all the time from Jennifer saying, remember when we weren’t together because you were with Angelina Jolie for 12 years after we were together for 7 years? 

That would be me. I’m petty and grudgy. I know I just said I’d be pissed if I were Jen and people wanted me to get back together with Brad but I’d also probably do it just to drag him in his face for the past every goddamn day, morning to night. Which isn’t exactly for a formula for success. Although maybe Jennifer Aniston is just that magnanimous.