So there’s a rumour that might start picking up about who Brad Pitt could be dating. The origin is DeuxMoi, where so much gossip originates these days, some of it checks out and some of it never does. For those who are unfamiliar, DeuxMoi makes it clear that they do not follow up on their submissions. Whatever gets sent in is posted, without verification. So anyone can send in anything, and that happens often. But there have been occasions where the information checks out. With that in mind, here’s what turned up on DeuxMoi yesterday: 

DeuxMoi's Instagram story

There’s really not much here. That said, because this is Brad Pitt, it usually goes somewhere. You’ll recall, a couple of months ago, DeuxMoi also shared tips from anonymous posters about how Brad was supposedly hanging out on the set of The Morning Show and that turned out to be bogus. Just the prospect of Brad + Jen again was enough to get people talking about it, and believing it in some cases. 


So to go back to the present, it’s not known which Swedish podcast the person is referring to. And it’s not known exactly what was said on the podcast about Brad and Lykke Li. I mean, I could see it, how he’d be drawn to an artist like Lykke and what that would add to his personally curated cool factor. The last I checked she’s based in LA, so there are plenty of opportunities on the art scene for them to have crossed paths. She and Jeff Bhasker, with whom she shares a child, broke up a few years ago. And it’s a totally random combination for someone to just, you know, conjure out of the air. Lykke is off the usual mainstream gossip radar too so it does kinda track that while LA gossips might not be looking too closely at the situation, it would surface over in Sweden from her home connections, perhaps, that she may or may not be spending time with BP. 

But again, none of this has been close to verified and it could very well be nothing, although now that it’s on DeuxMoi, chances are the editors of some if not all the entertainment outlets would have seen it, glommed on to Brad’s name, and are making calls right now to chase the lead. I’ve made a couple myself but nothing has come up yet. Maybe we’ll hear something within a week?