Yesterday, I posted about the rumour that Brad Pitt is dating Lykke Li, a story that’s been percolating since last summer since it was mentioned on a Swedish podcast and someone sent in that tip to DeuxMoi. The Sun got it going again this week and then PEOPLE had an exclusive yesterday, citing a source who says that Brad and Lykke are just friends: 

“Despite a report that the actor, 58, is dating the 35-year-old Swedish singer and model, a source close to Pitt says Li is just part of "a large group of artsy friends that he enjoys hanging out with."


"Lykke Li and Alia Shawkat are part of this group," the insider says. "He likes having female friends too."

(Reps for Pitt and Li had no comment when reached by PEOPLE.)

According to the source, Pitt "is dating, but not seriously."

LOL at this source describing his friends as “artsy”. What’s with Jennifer Aniston’s exes and the promotion of their “arty and edgy” friend circles? 

Anyway, this source also tells PEOPLE that Brad “still keeps in touch with Nicole [Poturalski]”, the model he was dealing with in 2020. And then the article goes on to reference Alia Shawkat’s recent interview in The New Yorker when she says “he doesn’t read that sh-t” and has “no awareness” about all the rumours that involve him…which…

If he has no awareness and doesn’t give a sh-t, why are “sources close to [him]” running to PEOPLE to tell us that he and Lykke Li are just friends? 


Well maybe because the rumours about him and Lykke are a simplification of the “artsy” friend group that Brad spends time with. This tip actually showed up on DeuxMoi before the Brad and Lykke rumours heated up again: 

DeuxMoi Post
DeuxMoi tip before the Brad and Lykke rumours heated up again

Obligatory reminder here that DeuxMoi doesn’t verify submissions – but what an intriguing development. Brad Pitt bonding with Mary-Kate Olsen over cigarettes, which totally tracks. By now we all know about MK and Olivier Sarkozy’s wedding, particularly the most hilarious detail: the “bowls and bowls of cigarettes” that were described as part of the décor. F-ck a floral centerpiece, when Mary-Kate gets married, the only acceptable fragrance is smoke. 

Nothing here is offside – these are all adults, Brad is single, he can spend time with whoever he wants. That said, I’m not sure it’s exactly the kind of image that Brad Pitt performs for the MiniVan Majority, most of whom are still holding out hope that he and Jennifer Aniston will get back together and spend time at the kind of dinner parties that Jen is known for, which are more likely to feature bowls and bowls of protein powder and crystals than bowls and bowls of cigarettes.