Twitter is currently being dominated, as usual, by BTS because their new reality series, In the SOOP, just premiered (I’m watching tonight!) and ARMY is counting down to the release of “Dynamite”, and they cover the new issue of GQ Japan. But you know who else is trending? 

Brad Pitt. 


Brad Pitt isn’t doing it all by himself though. He’s trending because of Harry Styles. And this, generally, is the reaction among Directioners: 

Supposedly they’re going to be in a movie together, although this has not yet been picked up by any of the trades. It appears though that there’s been an announcement about a new film called Faster, Cheaper, Better. 


Someone pulled a screenshot off of Vertice Cine, a film distribution company, with a notice about an upcoming Dan Gilroy feature about the trucking industry so not exactly legit yet but with believable-enough details to get everyone hyped. So basically part two of Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, when people got jacked up about Brad + Leonardo DiCaprio combination. And now they’re already looking forward to that future GQ cover featuring Brad and Harry….which will basically just look like this thread. 

Imagine the reaction though if Brad ends up in a Harry Styles music video? 

If we’re playing petty tit for tat (curious all this news about Brad this week as Angelina’s been promoting The One and Only Ivan) and I was advising Angelina Jolie, I’d call up BTS and be like, whatcha got? 

UPDATE: Vanity Fair is now saying that the story about Brad Pitt and Harry Styles being in a movie together isn’t true. But I still want Angelina and BTS to happen.