Last October, Page Six reported that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were seen at dinner together looking miserable. The two were then papped almost immediately afterwards in New York with their daughter. Remember the timing. A Star is Born was the priority. It was the frontrunner at the beginning of award season and you don’t want those kind of complicated romantic headlines f-cking up the campaign. 

We know now how it went for ASIB. It was nominated for everything and Gaga won most of the Best Song awards. Bradley and Irina made it through the circuit without much drama. Most of the drama was about whether or not Coop and Gaga were dealing with each other on the low because people refused to believe that the chemistry they had in the movie was only for the cameras. (That ended up going nowhere, even after their corny performance at the Oscars.)

But now, Page Six is coming back to the alleged problems between Bradley and Irina.

“Because of their daughter, they keep trying,” said a source of the couple, adding, “Things are not good. Neither one is happy. The relationship is hanging by a thread.”

As for the timing, the sources says that, “They couldn’t break up when he was doing promotion for ‘A Star Is Born,’ but who knows what will happen now?”

Here’s Bradley with a friend in Malibu yesterday. He and Irina were seen last week, on Memorial Day weekend, grocery shopping with their daughter and also at the park, where they ran into Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. So it’s not like they haven’t been spending time together – according to the source, though, the time they do spend together isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be? I mention this because typically, when tabloids make up stories about celebrity romantic estrangement, they’re based solely on the fact that the subjects haven’t been seen together. Page Six is much more reliable than In Touch or Us Weekly or Life & Style though. And they’re still going for it even though Bradley and Irina are regularly in each other’s company. Back in April, PEOPLE reported that they were out for a “romantic date night”. In March they took Lea to Disneyland.


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Whoever’s leaking, then, must be someone deep inside, with intimate knowledge, to be able to characterise their relationship as “hanging by a thread”, despite the fact that Coop and Irina are clearly with each other, at least physically, like in the same space. For whatever reason, they’re putting this out there. I wonder what the endgame is.