The other big superhero trailer during the Super Bowl was for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We previously saw a teaser and I said I don’t really care about Peter Quill anymore, and that is still mostly true—I wouldn’t be upset if he did actually die at the end of this trilogy—but the full trailer kind of won me back over to Star-Lord. A little hint of Chris Pratt’s long-missing charisma jumped out, and it’s like, Oh yeah! This guy used to be fun! If we get Fun Pratt back, even just for this one movie, I’ll take it. I miss the time when we thought he WAS Andy Dwyer. Simpler times, simpler times.


Volume 3 looks good, I mean literally, it LOOKS good. Whenever people complain about Marvel’s house aesthetic—which is totally fair criticism—I point to the GOTG and Black Panther movies as obvious exceptions. The production design, the costumes, and here, the character and creature design, is really good. I can’t wait to meet Rocket’s little otter friend! I already hope he doesn’t die! And Cosmo the Space Dog, to be voiced by Maria Bakalova, I am so into. Adam Warlock I still don’t have a read on, and won’t until they actually show us Will Poulter acting and emoting and stuff. I guess he looks cool, but I also feel like it will get confusing if/when he crosses paths with Carol Danvers, since the power display is similar, at least of what we’ve seen so far.



But this was not Bradley Cooper’s only commercial in the Super Bowl. He did a commercial for T-Mobile with his mom that was kind of cute. I like when she teases him for losing at the Oscars nine times. As an Eagles fan, though, he is now also a three-time Super Bowl loser. Sorry Coop, maybe next time. For the Oscars or the Super Bowl, whichever next opportunity comes first. (It’ll be the Oscars, his Leonard Bernstein biopic is so thirsty.)