Here are some new photos of Bradley Cooper outside his NY apartment this week. And apparently he’s not staying there alone. Of course he’s parenting his daughter, but there was a woman seen bringing in groceries at the door – and according to the paps, it’s Kristin O’Connor, a wellness chef. They’ve apparently known each other a while as she worked with Coop on American Sniper. Which means…


Maybe they’re working together again? 

Maybe she’s coordinating his diet and exercise program for his next project post-pandemic? Celebrity trainers and lifestyle coaches and hair and makeup artists are intimately involved in their clients’ lives. (For example, Kristen Stewart is living with her hair stylist). Does that change during lockdown? Well, as certain restrictions are easing, people are reintroducing people back into their lives, or forming bubbles. Perhaps Kristin is part of Bradley’s bubble, platonically. 

Or, you know, perhaps it’s more. This is always a possibility. But Kristin has other celebrity connections too. 


That’s Kristin with Toni Garrn, the model and also Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend. She and Toni are actually business partners. So she’s connected to celebrity on at least two threads. And given that her company is actually food services, seeing her bringing food into Bradley’s place could very well be more professional than romantic. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not romantic, just that there’s not enough here to go on yet. Keep you posted.