BTS were at the Billboard Music Awards last year and it was the first time those of us who weren’t up on our K-Pop got a real understanding of how f-cking huge these guys were. They were getting bigger screams than Celine Dion. This year, the screams only got louder. 

Lainey and I didn’t really get on the BTS bandwagon until they performed at the American Music Awards last November but since then, we’ve been just a little obsessed. The BTS Army would shame us though because we’re not even remotely as obsessed as they are. 

Kelly Clarkson was trying to introduce BTS and she could barely get her words out (have I mentioned yet how delightful Kelly was hosting this show?) because of all the high-pitched noises coming from the audience. On a live broadcast like the BBMAs, vocals are isolated. The crowd noise only overpowers someone with a mic if it is LOUD AS F-CK. The BTS Army is in fine form and available if we ever need to shriek invading aliens to death.

BTS won the top social artist award for the second year in the row and premiered a new song called “Fake Love.” The reaction was deafening naturally but it will never get old to see fans of all different backgrounds and races losing their sh-t over the biggest boy band in the world, and they happen to be Korean. It’s still so beautiful.  

When I wrote about Janet Jackson making some young artists look foolish last night, I was not talking about BTS. They have a long way to go before reaching icon status but that choreography is the best boy band choreography I have ever seen. It is precise. It is extraordinary. I would love to see a making-of documentary on what goes into a BTS performance like this. I’m sure it would be straight work porn. 

BTS also put work into their red carpet looks. Vogue has a full write-up on their outfits, which were all Gucci. As usual, RM slays like a true frontman. He’s still my favourite. Jungkook is getting a lot of love today for this abs-flashing moment but my allegiance is to RM. Forever. (Lainey: Jungkook FOR LIFE!)

“Fake Love” is the latest single from BTS’s new album Love Yourself: Tear which was released on Friday and is already breaking records. Shawn Mendes has been teasing a possible collaboration and they hung out with Taylor Swift backstage at the show last night. Usually, here is where I would say that endorsements from artists like Taylor and Shawn are great for a new band trying to cross over into North American pop radio but does it sound like BTS needs the help? If anything, it’s great for both Shawn and Taylor to be seen with BTS, not the other way around.