Cardi B went on an Instagram Live to confirm her separation from Offset. And in true Jada style, she also informed her fans that she’s been single for “a while”, and that the delay of the news was because she wasn’t quite sure how to announce it to the world. 


Her revelations come on the heels of Offset taking to Twitter just yesterday to deny allegations levied by Blueface, the messiest rapper around, that Offset had sex with his ex, Chrisean Rock. Cardi indirectly addressed this in her live, saying:

“When it comes to today’s events and stuff, I don’t know if…I don’t think it’s true…I don’t care to find out because I’ve been going through this for a minute now.”

Long before these most recent allegations were made, the couple had been in hot water over the course of their relationship. In her live, Cardi says their separation wasn’t prompted by infidelity but rather a matter of differences that have come up over their six-year relationship.

“There’s no drama, and the honest truth is, the reason I’ve been so afraid and have just been giving clues is because you guys don’t understand that I’ve been with someone for six years. Not everything is cheating, women, this and that. Six years is a long time. A lot of arguments. Not arguments, but a lot of love.”


I mean, this not being about infidelity is debatable. I’ve covered the long history of rumours surrounding Offset’s infidelity, which clouded the early days of their marriage, and still linger, though not nearly as much, to this day. And Cardi has been pretty open in the past about how even just the rumours of being a victim of infidelity have affected her. 


That’s why there is so much hope for this announcement. A lot of social media users who have followed their relationship closely and find themselves just as exhausted as Cardi when it comes to Offset’s reported lack of faithfulness have agreed that he is, in many ways, dead weight for Cardi. She acknowledged this in her video, saying:

“When I’m single, that’s when I put out my best work,” she said. “In 2017, I was single and that’s when I worked the hardest and focused the hardest and that’s when I put out my best work.”

This idea that women are happier and more successful on their own is something I mention in almost every relationship piece I write. This is the hill I will die on every single time. We’ve seen it with Kristin Cavallari whose business, Uncommon James, is thriving along with a podcast she recently started after divorcing her husband Jay Cutler. We’ve seen it with Tia Mowry, who is enjoying a very healthy coparenting relationship with Cory Hardrict and travelling with legends like Gabrielle Union. We’ve seen it with EmRata, Julia Fox, and most notably, we’ve seen it with Keke Palmer, whose career is at an all-time high after leaving certified f-ck boy Darius Jackson. 


The other thing I’ve mentioned in relationship pieces is how crucial it is for women to see other women enjoying life after a breakup. Because it affirms to them that they, too, can rediscover happiness, or find an entirely new form of it after walking away from a relationship. I can only imagine that seeing all the women I just listed recently walking away from relationships and living their best lives has, even if in the smallest way, instilled some sort of confidence in Cardi to finally cut the cord. Cardi is optimistic about this and says so herself.

“I wanna start 2024 fresh. I’m curious for a new life, for a new beginning. New look, new life, new everything…I’m excited, I’m happy. I’m truly happy.” 

I’d be lying if I said there was no concern from me or others that she might go back to him, like we’ve seen her do many times before. But I’m also mindful of the fact that sometimes, the more times you walk away, the easier it is to stay away. Especially when you turn it into such a public ordeal each time. So let’s all keep an eye on these two in the coming days, weeks and months to see if this is actually a goodbye – or as much as it can be given there’s kids involved – or yet another see you later.