The Celebrity Big Brother cast is, as usual, a mess. What are the chances of Dina Lohan and Anthony Scaramucci hooking up? How does the law of attraction work with scammers – would they repel or gravitate towards each other?


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How hard are David Beckham’s kids teasing him about this today? 


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Come April, Lainey and I often rant about all the people dressed like assholes at Coachella. Nina Dobrev’s 30th birthday theme was “Ninachella” and I can’t tell if it was supposed to be earnest or ironic. 


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Is Andy Bovine part Matt Damon, part Landry? It checks out. 


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What’s this? Jared Leto? MODELLING


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Hot person pretending to be humble + glasses = “weirdo.”


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As we are in the thick of award season red carpets, I wanted to check in on Marchesa to see how much women are wearing it outside of Anna Wintour’s domain. There have been a few sightings (Patricia Clarkson, Rita Ora) but the brand is not as present as it has been in the past – not even close. I have very mixed feelings about Marchesa – on the one hand, no woman’s career should be destroyed because of her husband’s crimes. On the other, Harvey actively pressured/bullied women into wearing the gowns and it’s hard to believe that Georgina Chapman wasn’t aware of the power he wielded and how he used that power to her advantage. Without his interference, fewer stylists and stars are willing to work with Marchesa. But we still have the biggest red carpet of the season, the Oscars, coming up. Can Anna convince anyone to wear one of their dresses?


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