Some personal news: I will not be able to watch El Camino until Sunday, maybe even Monday. Keep me in your thoughts. 


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According to reports, Justin and Hailey Bieber paid around $8.5 million for their house and now want to sell it, furniture included. Sometimes, when a celebrity wants to sell their home, they do a splashy photoshoot for Architectural Digest to attract buyers. But I don’t think Justin’s approach is necessarily low budget – if a person is young enough to want Justin’s house for the Belieber factor and has the money to spend, they are probably on Instagram. They will want everyone to know they bought Justin and Hailey’s house.


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This cover is from 2012: “Admit it… you love TV more than movies.” A little hokey but not wrong.


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When you are done shopping at Hot Topic and need your mom to pick you up from the mall.


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Taylor Swift gave Jonathan Van Ness’s cat Genivieve (great name) her Instagram blessing and notice the selfie (click through to the third photo)? She took it, which means she sent it to him so he could post it. And she commented on the photo. The squad has only grown stronger.


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John Cena (who is still going with the longer hair) looks like he’s been held hostage in this video with Vin Diesel. He should be holding up a newspaper. 


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This news came out a few days ago – Drew Barrymore is set to have her own daytime talk show at CBS. And what’s interesting about it is that there have been rumblings for a couple of years and Lainey wrote about it way back in 2016. As Drew now enters the market, she’ll join newcomers Kelly Clarkson, Keke Palmer, RuPaul, and veterans like Wendy Williams and, depending on the time slot, panel shows (like The View and The Talk). Curious to see if her personality and popularity will translate to a day-in and day-out talk show grind.


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