Lukas Gage is having a moment (again) and in his short career he’s been on three hot shows: Euphoria, The White Lotus and You. He’s also a student of Bravo and I love his take on this. Salt Lake City is really so dark!


#RHOLSC is “just so dark” — according to #lukasgage 😂

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Do you think The Rock ever gets cozy? Like chilling on the couch with a blanket and hot tea watching a British TV show kind of cozy? Does this man ever relax?


Reboots are not a novelty and no IP is safe from being ground into dust from multiple spinoffs and franchises and TV reboots. Back to the Future has stayed safe from that because Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale own the rights to the franchise but will it last forever? 


Yesterday I posted about Kelsea Ballerini’s comments on Call Her Daddy and now her ex has responded and the comments haven’t been turned off (yet). This is part of the game though, right? Now it’s a tit-for-tat.


Everyone remembers the Got Milk? ads. Big Dairy was working overtime with that one. Silk has smartly capitalized on the ads with a group of nepo babies: Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham, Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Ella Travolta all posed for ads, as their parents did for OG milk. 


Bill Hader and Ali Wong were reportedly dating but did we ever get eyes on that? It was a rumour but I don’t know if we ever got confirmation. Anyway, Daily Mail has new photos of Ali with her ex-husband and the reporting implies it was more than just co-parenting. Are they back together? I’ll wait to hear it from her. (Also, isn’t it interesting that Bill Hader is so private but has dated three celebrities since his divorce: Rachel Bilson, Anna Kendrick and Ali Wong, allegedly.)