You know what’s great about Jennifer Garner’s messaging here? It’s that she dorks out with her Madonna impression, but it’s framed by her work with Save the Children. This may look easy (social media mixed with philanthropy) but if it was, why do so many celebs get it wrong? Part of Jennifer Garner’s skill is that she makes it all look easy.


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Wanda Sykes has a point, that chair does look uncomfortable. Do you think Oprah pulled Noah aside after the show and told him to invest in the future, invest in himself, invest in his souuuuuulllllll, but also invest in some comfortable chairs?

The Olsens are going to Kohls! Not to shop (as if they would ever) but they are distributing their line Elizabeth and James through a licensing deal, something they have resisted up until now. I wear a lot of Elizabeth and James so I’m curious to see how this shakes out because while the Olsens will “oversee” the design, Kohl’s will handle the production and distribution. It’s a huge shift for them as, at least until now, they’ve been super quality-focused. 


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So far the ads for Justin Bieber’s Drew look like the photos from the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


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Riley Keough’s Coachella outfit is actually very cute and I can’t believe I’m saying that! It’s the calm before the flower crown storm. 


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I’m late to Bodyguard but even if you don’t watch the show, this is the Richard Madden “ma’am” supercut you need to take you into the weekend. 


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