Wait – Joan Collins is Cara Delevingne’s godmother?! Did we all know this? Am I the only one who didn’t (as usual)? Imagine the kind of godmotherly advice Joan Collins gives. 


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Am I the only one who thinks Halle Berry could and should play Whitney Houston in a definitive biopic?


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Do you know what lampshading is? I had no idea until I read Estelle Yang’s piece in Elle. She dressed like Ariana Grande for a week – you know, the big sweatshirts over thigh high boots. The article is hysterical and I’d highly recommend it for a Friday afternoon lunch break.


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The Hadids have gone almost the entire summer without getting engaged. A rarity in their age group. 


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I have a real question regarding flying private as it pertains to mid-level celebrities: who pays for it? There is no way Iggy Azalea made enough money off of that one hit song to still be flying private. She doesn’t have a lot of endorsements. In this day and age, no record company is paying for it. 


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BlacKkKlansman is getting incredible reviews and Adam Driver is getting another kind of review on Twitter. Many people are developing an Adam Driver problem. This kind of happened after Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but that whole shirtless even was polarizing. I haven’t seen any dissent around Adam Driver thirst for this particular film.