Jessica Seinfeld knows this spaghetti recipe is controversial but as she states in the caption, it’s not for traditionalists, it’s for people who want simpler recipes and/or are learning to cook. Not everything has to be a journey in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s OK to make a buttload of spaghetti for $10. (Lainey: she’s using Rao’s sauce, which is not cheap. I know this because most of the time, my sauce comes from a jar and it’s Rao’s. Is it worth the cost? In my opinion, yes. It’s really, really good…for sauce out of the jar.) 


Kathy Griffin’s life has been extremely tumultuous over the last five years (and if you followed her, even before the beheading photo controversy, there was a lot going on). But since the 2017 photo there’s been more: cancelled tours, an FBI investigation (because of the photo), fired from CNN, blasted Anderson Cooper as a traitor and Andy Cohen as a sycophant, gave out Harvey Levin’s phone number and she showed up in the bizzarro story about Yashir Ali (who has since disappeared from Twitter). During that time, her beloved mom died. It’s been a lot and that’s just what we saw. What we didn’t know about was the behind-the-scenes pill addiction and now her lung cancer diagnosis. She’s taking it in stride and after years of being shunned by most other comedians and celebrities (except the Kardashians, who kept her on the Christmas party list), she is getting good press and has a sense of humour about it.


Drew Barrymore has launched Flower Paint, a really smart business play for the brand. There’s a paint shortage right now in North America and super high demand, so the timing worked for her. If I were advising her, I’d tell her to do a wallpaper line next but I Googled that and guess what? She already has one! Clearly Drew doesn’t need my dumbass advice. 

Yesterday I mentioned Idris Elba in Sonic 2, but not the way Ms. Jackée Harry mentioned Idris Elba in Sonic 2. I laughed to myself for hours after reading this. 


If it wasn’t for Kelly Ripa I would have no clue Riverdale is still on. The CW press department should be sending Kelly and Mark a weekly fruit basket for the amount of free promotion they’ve given this show. 


Look, no one is taking vaccine advice (or life advice) from Chet Hanx right? I don’t think so and I’m not going to link to his dumb little videos. He had a moment with his white boy summer schtick and overstayed his welcome. And now his mother Rita Wilson can’t post about her music without people being like “hey your son’s a dumbass.” I don’t know if it’s necessary to comment that. A mother knows.