Tom Holland is taking a break from social media. In a video explainer, which he posted in support of teen mental health organization Stem4, he talks about how he is deeply affected by comments he reads about himself online, which can cause him to spiral. Tom is 26 and a big movie star and even he is not immune to the crushing feelings brought on by the endless scroll. And he just seems so genuine and earnest about his desire to help. 


The baked potato with caviar – it’s everywhere right now. (Which makes sense, as I feel like a couple of years ago this is what people in New York were posting about eating.) I really enjoy caviar but I’ve only ever received it as a gift (it’s a great gift) and I eat it with lightly salted Lay’s chips and crème fraiche. But I wouldn’t order caviar in a restaurant because a chef once told me that it’s not worth it because there’s no process to plating or cooking to it; a restaurant will just open a tin and spoon, the same way people do it at home. But it’s marked up like wine so it’s more about the experience than the value, I guess? Oh he also told me the best place to look for good caviar: Costco! I don’t have a Costco card so I don’t know if this is true. (Lainey: I do and it is.) 


Ellen Pompeo is eating that baked potato at Martha Stewart’s restaurant opening in Vegas and I rarely ever post two back-to-back but I have to point out here that Martha is wearing… Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova?!!! The Kardashian knock-off brand? When in Vegas, I guess.

The show must go on! (And apparently tickets are in high demand, which is just another chapter in this high drama saga that will be a very meta Ryan Murphy series.)


Orange and pink is a very underrated colour combo. And Demi Moore looks amazing, as always – there’s a relaxed glow here. 

Sebastian Stan is celebrating his 40th in Greece with Annabelle Wallis but they are not yet Instagram official. Will this be the occasion? 


Auntie O took baby Luca (Gayle’s grandson) for a walk and it’s her first time ever pushing a stroller. How was her handling? Is she a smooth driver or does she take sharp corners? Luca seemed to enjoy himself, even on this challenging terrain.