This is not Drew Barrymore in the photo, but someone she is working with. As many people have pointed out in the comments, the headdress is a problem. It looks like it’s from a craft store. Can we just not with headdresses? Why is that so hard!


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Princess Eugenie is in Vogue, talking about her wedding. It’s going to be “anti-plastic.” Environmentally sound, great. But it also made me think – how common is plastic use at a wedding? It’s not like plastic cups and cutlery are used, unless it’s a casual party. But at a formal wedding with a sit-down dinner, no one is eating off plastic plates, right? But maybe this is what a royal thinks a commoner’s wedding is – red Solo cups and fake carnations all around.

The NFL establishment is such a bunch of gutless weasels. Did they not think Big Sean would notice his song had been censored?

Today is Karlie Kloss’s birthday. In 2016, Taylor celebrated by calling her an “exquisite person.” Last year was quiet. This year? Taylor is very tuned into her image and we are waiting to see what she posts, which makes me think she might not post anything. It would be the petty thing to do and we know she loves that lane. That’s exactly why she hasn’t “liked” any of Karlie’s engagement photos. Everyone knows that ignoring an engagement is social media code for a friendship freeze. (Also, we have a bit of a full circle moment here. Earlier in the week, I posted a photo of Chris Rock on a yacht with friends and didn’t recognize one of the faces. Many of you wrote in to tell me it’s French artist JR. He took this photo of Karlie and Josh.)


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Last night on Twitter, #johnnydeppisinnocent was trending. Innocent of what? He hasn’t been charged or convicted of anything that involves humans and not dogs. Orlando Bloom posted this video of Johnny, Stella and Liv Tyler at a Paul McCartney gig (I assume this was at Abbey Road in late July). I wonder if Johnny would ever move to London. It seems like it might suit him – it’s a good place for movie stars to exile themselves. 


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Pink has postponed one of her shows in Sydney because of illness. There was a shot of her on a beach with her child, which was picked up with a snarky headline. Basically, it implies that she cancelled so she could sun tan. She took issue with that and wanted to defend herself, explaining that scheduling, travel, family and illness are all intertwined. Justin Timberlake jumped in the comments to back up her position. Although I find JT insufferable most of the time (like WHY must he mention his own injury and sinus infection? He’s such a one-upper.), it’s interesting that Justin acknowledged that being a parent is playing into his own issues on tour. It’s very rare to hear a dad in Justin’s position talk about how having a child puts stress on their work life.