Did you wonder what happened to the Divergent series? No, of course not, but this story by Kate Arthur in Buzzfeed, “How “Divergent” Turned into a Disaster”, is an interesting look at what happens when a sure thing amounts to a nothingburger.

Ian Somerhalder lives in LA, right? I’m completely side-eyeing his story about several people commenting on the food in his cart. But even if we take his story at face value, I’m still side-eyeing the rant; anyone who has to say, “I hope I don’t come off as an ass” and “I don’t mean to sound like a dick” is being both an ass and a d-ck. I don’t think his overall point is controversial – eating well is better for one’s health. That is not a shocking opinion, but framing it as the public “bitching” about healthcare costs is what stuck out to me. As many people in the comments pointed out, he is not at all taking into consideration socioeconomic factors, food costs, or access. He doesn’t seem upset about the unequal access to food, but he does seem upset that people like him don’t eat like him.


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The NFL is a league in disarray and decline. Everyone knows it’s a mess, so I don’t know if Amy Schumer thinks she’s making the point she’s making about her impact. Rihanna declined the halftime show because of Colin Kaepernick. Who knows how many other artists turned it down for the same reason? So for Amy Schumer to talk about HER role in a conversation that has been led by Colin – it says more about her than the movement. 


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I kind of love Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin as characters on The Simpsons


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This is the second photo from the set of Little Women. I didn’t post the first because, and I’m loathe to admit this, I’ve never read it or seen the movie. Should this be on my Christmas to-do list?


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Nick Kroll agrees with Sarah re: Jason Mantzoukas’ hotness


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