New York Fashion Week is on, and it’s a strange one. The shine has considerably dimmed; Vogue Business points to the decline of New York City as a fashion and design hub. I think it became a magnet for hanger-on brands positioning themselves around the big shows (but not on the official schedule), combined with the decimation of print media and the rise of social media. The suggestion is that the crowd those kind of lesser-tier shows draw (reality TV stars, street style influencers) made the whole thing seem cheap. Many big names, like Tom Ford, didn’t show in New York this year. This leads me to this photo of Issa Rae. I hope she is thinking about who on her team she needs to talk to, demote, or maybe even fire. Because how did one of the most sought-after creators end up sitting next to a Real Housewife and her dollar store Hadid daughters? 


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There is no way Tom Brady’s fork touched cake, unless that cake was made of air and seeds. 


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OK so Jameela Jamil, do we get into it? There’s a producer/writer with a large following who has taken an interest in Jameela’s anecdotes and pieced together some inconsistencies (about accidents and bees and injuries); she made an Instagram story about it, which got picked up by a lot of people on Twitter who think Jameela is insufferable. It’s easy to frame this as a few Internet trolls, but I can assure you it’s bigger than that – Jameela gets a lot of positive press, because there seems to be a huge disconnect between what people think of her and what the media thinks people think of her. Jameela has responded, but I don’t think this is the end of it.  

There’s a reported piece coming, for sure. (And what does Mark Ronson have to do with it? He disputed one of her stories, very gently.) 




This is the third time we’ve seen the metallic Tom Ford bra (on Gwyneth, on Zendaya and now this). The bra is wild but it will have legs – we will see this for a few seasons. It’s not over until Fashion Nova knocks it off. 


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A heartfelt Happy Birthday and a plug for her new show, including the date it airs. He even threw in a The Good Place reference. Delightful.


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Jessica Simpson put as much work into her book tour wardrobe as people put into a film or album promo, and it has worked out very well. The monochromatic outfits are really good and for once, she’s not wearing bell bottoms over her shoes. Such an improvement. 


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I rarely disagree with Duana, but on the Natalie Portman cape (which she wrote about here), I was definitely on Twitter, not exactly snarking, but asking why Natalie doesn’t work more with female directors. Rose McGowan posted about it on Facebook (you can read her comments here) and this kind of critical thinking regarding blanket ‘women supporting women’ commentary is necessary. But at the level Natalie is at, there’s rarely a follow-up. She takes the good press and moves on without really having to go deeper into the conversation. 


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Flip to the second photo – Rain Phoenix was dogsitting for Joaquin and Rooney Mara. Do you think they slept over or did they get picked up after the Oscars?


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