This morning Lainey wrote, with fevor, about To All the Boys : Always and Forever. I also watched it this weekend and there was one particularly exciting moment for me: Oasis! The Gallagher brothers popped up as possible narrators to Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship with the song “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” This is what Noel Gallagher once told NPR about it: “She's [Sally] metaphorically seeing the diary of her life pass by, and she's thinking, "You know what? I have no regrets." She's raising a glass to it.”  It’s a good breakup song but… but… Lara Jean and Peter forever. Right? RIGHT?!


Kaley Cuoco posted this about her husband and her ex co-star and boyfriend Johnny Galecki commented, “Um”, and she responded with “LOL.” They are, obviously, still friendly and this is a top-tier ex, the one you can look back on at a time when you were on a hit show and making gobs of money and now you can still be friends. “Don’t Look Back In Anger” works perfectly for these two because they are ALREADY BROKEN UP.


For some reason I started watching Episodes and now I’m on season two and loving it, because I generally love TV shows and films about Hollywood. I also had a thought: several of the Friends cast have worked on inside baseball series about show business: Lisa Kudrow on The Comeback (brilliant!), Jennifer Aniston on The Morning Show and, to a lesser extent, David Schwimmer playing himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Oh and Courteney Cox had Dirt, a show about tabloids, that only ran for one season. But back to Episodes: one of my favourite bits is that Matt LeBlanc has a terrible relationship with his former co-stars and is not allowed to have Jennifer Aniston’s phone number.

So if there’s ever a movie about the life of Martha Stewart (and there should be!), Laura Dern has to play Martha. I want to see Laura walking off the jet in a post-prison poncho. 

Oh you have a ring light? That’s cute. Oprah has a ring planet. 


Hilaria Baldwin is back on Instagram and this story was fun, for a moment in time, but I don’t think it needs much more analysis. Even in terms of attention from Page Six, we have Cannibal Hammer out here talking about eating people so in comparison, Hilaria’s story is a lot less scandalous.

Tekashi 6ix9ine ran up on Meek Mill outside of a club and Meek has a sense of humour about it. The director of the upcoming Tekashi documentary called him a horrible human being with no morals or talent, but a social media mastermind. The Shade Room has all the screenshots and even video.


Was Valentine’s Day extra this year? Or just the same? Instead of analysing every coupled-up post, I’ll leave a compilation here. The sincere, the goofy, the contrived – the tone is always debatable.