This week I’ve noticed an uptick in stories about people losing friends/family members to QAnon. Obviously it’s a timely story and as we know, celebrities are a reflection of what is happening in society, which brings us to… the Backstreet Boys? Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell are cousins and Brian has joined Parler. This week, Kevin has been posting not-so-subtle tweets about it. I have to agree with Chrissy – the Daily Mail nailed it. 


You don’t know her, she goes to a different school. She lives in Niagara Falls and he met her at summer camp.

Hilaria Baldwin hasn’t posted on Instagram since December 27 and I’m surprised she has been able to go this long. Now she can come back and there’s so much other stuff going on that it can be low-key, if she wants it to be. Sometimes taking a break is a good thing. More celebrities would benefit from this strategy. Not posting for a month or two is fine, Instagram isn’t going anywhere. 


Zoe Kravitz has been posting some memes in her Instagram stories, including one last night that read, “Stop breaking yourself down into bite-size pieces to serve others. Stay whole and let them choke.” Now obviously, because she’s going through a divorce, it’s easy to read into it. It sounds like maybe things are not super amicable right now. Zoe’s family is close and her parents went through a very public divorce and came out the other side super tight. I wonder what, if any, advice they are giving her about it. 


Page Six has an interview with Courtney Vucekovich who had a relationship with Armie Hammer and the headline is that he wanted to barbeque her rib (because what editor wouldn’t go with that headline?). I’d encourage people to read the whole story as it gets into detail about his MO, which is described as overpowering and charming. Some of his past sexual partners feel that his charisma is a part of emotional abuse – he lovebombs and then ghosts. As some on Twitter have pointed out, safe words and aftercare are critical in BDSM and he’s not doing that. Also interesting in the Page Six interview is that Courtney says Armie is broke (or, at the very least, extremely cheap). He didn’t pay for anything (like meals or flights) and never had any money, not even to put gas in his car. I know people think he’s extremely wealthy and I do think he grew up posh, but maybe his compulsive and risky behaviour extends to his finances as well. 

Nicole Kidman posted an ad for Seratopical Skin Care, a CBD line she has partnered on. No shade at all, but is anyone looking at Nicole Kidman and thinking it’s eye cream doing the heavy lifting? 


This morning Lainey wrote about Succession and some new names being added to the cast, which is great. But they could tell me they are adding Tara Reid and Pauly Shore to the cast and I’d be excited, OK? Just give it to me!

I am fully ready for this himbo to take over our lives again.