If she hadn’t posted this to her own social and her name wasn’t in bold on the cover, I would have no idea this was Sarah Paulson, which I think is the point. It’s a transformation and she commented that they took her eyebrows. She just looks so different.


Is it corny of me to be enjoying all of the “Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair” memes? I know the good times won’t last but right now, it’s fun. 


Every year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is marred by businesses trying to market around it and celebrities and influencers misusing and misinterpreting his quotes, turning his words into placid Instagram bites. There were many examples of that this week (I like Christy Turlington, but the caption/photo combination here is ridiculous). In 2018, Very Smart Brothas published a short piece on how Dr. King’s words are being dissolved, year by year. 


About a week ago, Lainey wrote about Brie Larson trending on Twitter for possibly coming out. Last night the same thing happened with Jojo Siwa because of a TikTok she posted of her singing “Born This Way.” She has 31 million followers on TikTok, 10 million on Instagram and 479k on Twitter and that’s a lot of attention for anyone. 

This is such a bizarre story I don’t even know what to do with it. Jane Krakowski is rumoured to have been having a “secret romance” with the MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who is a huge Trump backer (even now, he’s one of the last ones standing). Daily Mail broke the story with sources (mostly people who seem to know Jane) but when asked for comment, she says she’s never met him and Lindell said he doesn’t know her. I can’t tell if they are covering up or if someone made up a story for the Daily Mail just to troll them. This sounds like a plotline from 30 Rock and something Jenna Maroney would get involved in.


The Wagatha Christie battle continues to rage, with Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney headed to mediation, which sources say will likely be useless as both women have dug in and are ready to go to court. Between this and the Sussexes lawsuit, the British tabloids are really the ones who are winning. This just means more attention (and sales) for them.