Jennifer Garner was on CBS Sunday Morning, which filmed at the family farm she recently acquired to grow produce for her baby food company, Once Upon a Farm. (Her mom grew up on that farm, and her Uncle Robert still lives there.) Then it was coffee with Ina Garten in Ina’s barn (a rare treat even for a celebrity – Ina doesn’t just entertain anyone). Later it was Facebook Live with Martha Stewart; they checked in on Jen’s chickens and made lobster rolls. I think there will, eventually, be a book from all this work. But right now she is focusing on Once Upon a Farm, Peppermint, and then Camp. 


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A knobhead with no knob.

It was Diane Kruger’s birthday on the 15th and Norman Reedus posted about her, which he doesn’t do often. I don’t know if this will calm or excite their very confusing fandom.


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There’s two kinds of Taylor Swift stans in the comments: those that are devastated that Karlie used the word bestest to describe anyone other than Taylor, and those who think it doesn’t matter because Kaylor are secretly lovers and therefore not even really “friends.”


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Well this is curious. A couple of days ago, US Weekly reported that Demi Lovato and G-Eazy left a club holding hands. (G-Eazy and Halsey have a bit of a messy break-up recently.) Rebound? Fine, sure. But why are there no pictures? Because if we are going by an eyewitness account late at night, after a club, two people could be walking side by side and look like they are holding hands. Today I went to check Demi and G-Eazy’s social media and do some research, but US Weekly’s post is gone. (Cosmopolitan has the timeline here.) There are a few things that could have happened. US Weekly, which is a questionable source now because of its ownership, got it wrong and took it down. Or US Weekly got it right and someone’s publicist made a deal to have it taken down for a story later down the road. So we will see. 


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I know JLo is always supportive of her men but she must really be in love to care this much about a bat. We all know the most interesting bat in the world is Beyoncé’s. 


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It’s officially family vacation season. The Smiths are on the Amalfi coast with all the kids. (The white woman in the photo is publicist Karynne Tencer. I would very much like to be the white woman on a Smith family vacation.)


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You know who else is on vacation? The Beckhams! They are in Croatia, posting lots of videos of one another. (Is it weird that David didn’t post any of Victoria, or should I be used to it by now?) There’s been big developments with David (which have nothing to do with his marriage). He’s set to unveil a team name in Miami and reportedly wooing a Croatian star (so maybe it’s a working vacation?). But he’s also run into some trouble with the stadium and there are a lot of concerns in the community, from environmental to financial; the construction would mean displacing a children’s golf and academic program that serves thousands of kids every year. In his pitch to the city, David said that Miami will be his home. He’s banking on the city wanting him.


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