It’s trailer week: there’s Cats (so many cats!) and Top Gun, but the one I’ve watched the most is Hustlers. This is a huge career moment for Lili Reinhart and Riverdale’s buzz has dropped considerably, so I wonder how ready everyone is to move on. Until then, there’s lots of time on set to hang out. On a trampoline! Camila Mendes fell over, and I know I spend too much time on the Internet because Camila Mendes made me think of Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes and temporarily broke my brain. I have to read each name a few times to separate them. 


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The world probably doesn’t need another line of celebrity yoga pants, but it definitely needs more vaccines. 


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Eddie Murphy told Jerry Seinfeld he will do stand-up again but he has to work out his material first. It’s been a minute since he had that kind of audience and pressure, not with the public but with other comedians who revere him. I don’t know what Eddie has to say today, more than 30 years after his last special (Delirious, 1987), but Eddie has stories. His late brother Charlie Murphy’s Real Hollywood Stories were iconic on Chappelle’s Show (this is why we have “cocaine’s a helluva drug”). I’d love to read a Vulture profile with Eddie where he talks in-depth about his career. This story about John Landis, who was responsible for children being beheaded on a set, is from 1990. That is an interview. 


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I think I just wrote about Pink getting mad at the Internet this week, but she did it again. It’s like Instagram Groundhog’s Day. I don’t know what I see more of: Lea Michele’s wedding dress or Pink’s indignation. 


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The THR cover this week is peak food TV. Where’s the Mayor of Flavourtown? The slander. 

Natasha Lyonne was the ambassador of “the haircut” that took over Instagram and look at this – it’s next level. It’s tousled and thick and straight and curly - and she’s blonde now. Will this be the look at the Emmys? Between her and Tracee Ellis Ross and Sandra Oh and the GoT cast and Michelle Williams, this could be a better red carpet than the Oscars. 


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