This morning, Sarah wrote about the A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood trailer and Lainey tweeted that it made her cry (which led Sasha and Kathleen to wonder if she had been kidnapped and she was sending out an SOS). While everyone was being overwhelmed by nostalgic feelings for Mr. Rogers, Ellen Barkin has thoughts on some other childhood entertainers. She f-cking hates them. (Mark Wahlberg has been attached to a Captain Kangaroo reboot.)

Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes, who star together on The Orville, are getting divorced after two months. It’s quick, especially considering they still have to work together. I found a video of them at a Comic-Con panel from July 22 (they did not sit next to each other) and she filed on July 23. A little smutty tingle there, no? This photo is from last year.


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I finished Big Little Lies last night and I really disliked it. The last few episodes were a hate-watch for me. It was the worst of prestige TV because it was written in service to the fans and gif-able moments. Kathleen wrote about how underwritten and underserved Bonnie was as a character for Refinery 29 and it made the overall show so weak. It was glaring how little they gave Bonnie to do, even though the big little lie centered around her. I’d be very curious if someone went through a couple of episodes and did a word count for Bonnie vs. Celeste, or Bonnie vs. Madeline, what the numbers would be. It would also be great if someone doing the writing acknowledged how the nosy, upper-class white women who started the whole lie (Madeline) got the happy ending, with her family intact and no threat to her way of life or social status, at Bonnie’s expense. 


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I shouldn’t speak about this because the universe might hear me, but how has Entourage not been rebooted yet? 


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This clip of Maya Hawke on the red carpet for Once Upon a Time is making the rounds on Twitter because she said she “went through the process like everyone else” to get a role in the film. Her mother, Uma Thurman, was Quentin’s muse for many years (and he treated her like sh-t on set), so there’s definitely a lot of history and complications here. For her to say, quite earnestly, that she had no advantage over the other auditions (if there even were any other people up for the part) is a hard eye-roll. Does she really believe that, or do the children of famous people have to tell themselves that to feel OK with their advantages? 

Britney has been keeping a low public profile in terms of work events, but she showed up for the Once Upon a Time premiere. I’m very curious as to what brought her out. Was it just to creep on Brad and Leo from afar? If so, that is very relatable. 


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