Have you read the Vogue story on Bonnie Chance Roberts' and Beanie Feldstein’s wedding? It’s a Pinterest dream, and not in the mason jars and wildflowers way. They had a full-on camp experience in the woods with s’mores and enamel pins and friendship bracelets. Intimate and playful but the glam was there, too – the brides wore Gucci (Beanie in stunning and traditional dress and Bonnie in an amazing tuxedo). 


The amount of detail and thought and love put into every single piece, from the hand-written invitation to the embroidered tablecloths, is giving so much Theatre Kid Energy and I love it. They ARE theatre kids, so why fight it? They leaned into their enthusiasm and it shines through in the photos. (Oh, and people are shocked Adam Levine was there. Adam and Beanie’s late brother, Jordan, were best friends, and Jordan was Maroon 5’s manager. Beanie has been close with Adam since she was a child, which she’s talked about many times.)


It’s Pride Month (in some places) and a perfect time to bring back Meg Stalter’s “hi gay” videos. The first is from 2021, and then the 2022 sequel. 

Chelsea Handler tries to summarize the Vanderpump Rules stuff and honestly? She does a shit job. She doesn’t understand the joy of the show, the community of the audience or the nuances of the cast. She’s condescending as f-ck. Some of us have ten years invested in these people, Chelsea! Stay in your lane! (Also, James Kennedy is funnier than Chelsea Handler, that’s facts.)


The And Just Like That… team knows what it is doing. A day after the story broke that Kim Cattrall filmed a scene for the new season, the trailer is released. No Samantha, which is smart. Make us wait for it. 


Stars on Mars sounds like a reality TV show concept from 30 Rock but it’s not: these celebrities are traveling to a simulated version of Mars and have to compete to survive. This cast is wild, even for this kind of show. Like how did Lance Armstrong and McLovin end up on the same show. 

This is big news: Padma Lakshmi is leaving Top Chef. I know many people are obsessed with this show and as the host, people adore her. She’s also built out a very robust career and going by the statement, it’s not scandalous and she wants to pursue other projects. 


More big news: Edward Enniful is stepping down as EIC of British Vogue because he’s taking on a bigger role as editorial advisor for British Vogue and a global creative and cultural advisor for Vogue. He is a very well respected and brilliant editor, the obvious heir to Anna Wintour so this makes sense. He’s doing amazing work at British Vogue, landing the biggest names and injecting vitality into same-old celebrity and model covers. He also seems truly, genuinely liked by all.