Chris Hemsworth has a new interview in Variety and it’s a study in the building of a modern movie star, from the RDJ quotes to advice from Tom Cruise to money talk. Chris is trying to be a blockbuster draw in a moviegoing era that doesn't automatically value or reward a big name (like the two Toms, Julia Roberts and Will Smith).  It’s not the 90s. Marvel movies are monster hits because of stacked ensemble casts and the formulaic experience (and I mean that as a positive – the audience knows it will have a good time at the theatre). He also talks about his experience on Ghostbusters, and how that character helped him develop Thor. What will the man-babies make of this?


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Bella Hadid is one of the first celebs to show off her Fenty denim corset dress. This dress (along with the darker denim version) is getting a lot of attention but I’ve looked through the collection and there are lots of really good cuts that can be worn day-in and day-out. It’s much more wearable than many of luxury fashion lines and isn’t branded tacky t-shirts. 


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Almost exactly a year ago, Dan Wootton called the Beckhams marriage a “complicated beast” reporting that the marriage was under pressure because of her posting the kids too much on social media, her fashion business, his desire to be in Miami, and her dislike of his manager, David Gardner (who is with Liv Tyler). A year later: David posts the kids as much (if not more) than she does. David has increased his presence in the fashion world and is working on a line of sunglasses. The family just took a trip to Miami. David Gardner and Liv Tyler have joined the family for occasions (like New Year’s Eve) and the 10-year anniversary of Victoria’s label. So where does the focus shift to instead? Brooklyn and Hana Cross


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There’s a Stranger Things collection at H&M and it’s cute, in an 80s way. Season three is out July 4 so here’s a question: is anyone dying for a new season of Stranger Things? It’s one of those shows that I watch, but don’t ever think about.


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When it comes to nonsensical recreation activities, goat yoga is the new ax throwing.


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