Australian TV is wild and the producer that came up with this segment deserves a raise (and must have done his/her research – in 2018, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube were surprised on Australian TV with a snake). “I just want to go on record and say this is why white people die!” killed me. 

This is an uninspiring cover and it’s not because of the cover star, but the styling. What is this? How is this supposed to compel us to read the story inside?


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A few days ago, I posted Courteney Cox as Jared Leto, and now it’s Glenn Close as Woody Harrelson. Well to us he’s Woody but to her, he’s Woodrow. 


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Kate Hudson’s spray tan ended up on her monogrammed pajamas (and probably her pillow case). Which reminds me of the dumbest lifehack craft making the rounds on Twitter. First off, who carries a sharpie like that? Second, how is that easier than just washing the shirt? And third, that is not an accurate map of the Bahamas. If you are wondering what the f-ck I’m talking about, watch below. 


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The CMT Awards red carpet is so random – it has to be the only red carpet with Kate Bosworth and a Jersey Shore person. 


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My favourite story of the day: did DJ Khaled storm in and have a tantrum in the third person? “DJ Khaled doesn’t accept number 2! DJ Khaled win win wins no matter what what what! Another one! DJ Khaled!” 


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I periodically check in to see if Constance Wu is back on social media – nothing yet. But Francia Raisa wrote her an open letter, which I missed. What are our thoughts on open letters? Effective method of communication or grandstanding?

So Hilary Duff’s fiancé (let’s be real, that’s the only way most of us know him) posted about some professional sh-t with Zedd. He starts with “In response to years of: “What happened with you & Zedd” –um,  who’s asking? Maybe industry people, but this is not a personal response to his colleagues, it’s a public call-out of someone with name recognition. Matthew’s points might be totally valid, but he doesn’t stay on point. He seems saltier about the attention Zedd receives than the song writing credit. 


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