Last week I wrote about Chrissy’s Court upcoming debut on Quibi and it looks like they will be dropping Nicole Richie’s new show on April 6 as well. Also, I realized Nicole is also on Amazon’s Making the Cut, so she’ll have two shows, streaming on different platforms, at the same time. As we know, Nicole is now super private and only comes out for promo, but how can she promo two shows without anywhere to go? Zoom interviews with Access Hollywood?


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It’s been 10 years since In Touch broke the story about Sandra Bullock’s husband cheating on her (remember the Nazi tattoos?) – that was such a huge, scandalous story. Then the PEOPLE magazine baby cover for her. She managed, under intense scrutiny, to hide a whole baby. And remember, this was when pap culture was at its height. Ten years on, she’s still only seen when she wants to be seen. I also think that was the last time In Touch got a scoop right. 


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This morning, Lainey wrote about Drake introducing Adonis (SO CUTE) on his Instagram page – they are not SD’ing together and Drake was feeling emotional about it. Understandable, as there’s a whole lot to consider while trying to co-parent during a pandemic.

It looks like Miranda Lambert’s husband, whose baby presumably does not live in Nashville, is in the same position as Drake. Combine that with the shutdown of recording and touring (remember, he works for her now) and the isolation, and it’s a lot for a whirlwind couple like this. They’ve been on the go together for over a year but now they are at a complete stop together, too. 


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The way Britney Spears and Mariah Carey love each other is so pure. Two women who are absolute, once-in-a-generation superstars who overcame a lot of the same obstacles, like being heavily controlled in their early career and public mental health struggles. They also both have two kids, two ex-husbands, and did a Vegas residency. 


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Miranda Kerr is one of the most low-key insidious lifestyle brands because she is very wealthy, which she doesn’t acknowledge (her husband founded Snapchat), she is a big believer in the Medical Medium’s bullsh-t and her advice is hilariously tone deaf – if my reading comprehension is still intact, she takes two (!!!!!) baths a night while being at home with a 9-year-old, a toddler, and a baby? OK Miranda. 


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Kaavia James is thinking about who she needs to get banned from Instagram Live because these celebrities are bored and it shows. 


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