Many of us might not be able to name a Rita Ora song, but she does attend many high-profile fashion events. This year she was at the Team Marc Jacobs table, which included Kate Moss and Lizzo. Rita wore gold, and there was a lot of gold on the red carpet so she kind of blended in. (Also, it would have been impossible to stand out next to Lizzo.) Rita’s doing promo for something right now (an album? A single? Who knows!) and wore this Jean Paul Gaultier suit –  it’s a shame she didn’t wear this to the Met Gala. It’s a much stronger choice. You know who was in JPG? Natasha Lyonne and her purse of cigarettes.  


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Speaking of better choices, Karlie Kloss could not have done worse than her narc dress at the Met Gala. This suit would have been much better. 

I wanted to mention Anna Chlumsky’s performance on VEEP because her character’s gone full Kellyanne Conway and it’s wonderful. I went online and found that her Instagram is not verified. Excuse me?! How do these “influencers” have the blue check and you are going to deny Anna? Injustice!


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Mark Wahlberg has secured the rights to The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence, a story about a father who infiltrates, influences and eventually dominates a group of vulnerable college students. Will Mark Wahlberg be able to pull off a domineering cult leader? I hate to say it, but I could see it. If he can convince people to eat a place called Wahlburgers, what can’t he do.


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This tweet is a few days old and I’ve meant to include but the Met Gala took over, but I’ve read it 4 days in a row and each time I laugh so f-cking hard.