I paused at this caption because I didn’t get it. What does “It’s been Venice here” mean? Then I forgot about it, until I saw it again on Twitter. People are guessing she meant it as “v. nice,” which would be a shortened version of “very nice.” This is a crime.


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A rare Brad Pitt sighting on Instagram via Lena Dunham’s birthday party.


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John Stamos carrying his own head is camp!


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Is this a mid-life crisis mohawk?


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Have you watched the preview for Liam Gallagher’s rockumentary, As It Was, yet? You can find it here – he is so dramatic. 


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I also think Billy Eichner is in the business to meet Beyoncé, which might happen when Lion King promo starts. 

Ellen DeGeneres has been teasing Taylor Swift’s performance. Will she get the whole hour? What are they going to do? I’m guessing a song, a game, a giveaway and maybe a prank. Definitely surprise a fan. 


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Skylar Astin and Anna Camp were both at NBC Upfronts and didn’t interact. They were part of the long weekend divorce dump that included Adele and Michelle Williams, so it didn’t get much play. I watched the trailer for her show, Perfect Harmony, which feels like a mix between Pitch Perfect and Glee, with Bradley Whitford playing a grizzled choir coach with nothing to lose. Skylar’s new show is called Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and it’s about a woman who can hear other people’s thoughts through musical numbers. What are the chances that they would both be starring in a musical on primetime TV for the same network? It’s an acapella throw down!


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