Tom Brady doesn’t understand why people are asking him to break their face. Gabriella Paiella at The Cut explained this kind of chaotic horniness quite well in Why Does Everyone Want Their Celeb Crushes To Run Them Over?

Gisele probably doesn’t get the “punch me in the face” sentiment either, but that’s not what I want to talk about here. This cover is super 80s. The styling is very “Body Glove” and the tan is the kind of shade that comes from lying out in the sun smothered in tanning oil (not lotion, not sunscreen, but oil). It’s a cover with a point of view, which I can appreciate.


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The flex isn’t that she has never seen Game of Thrones and still held a finale viewing party, the flex is that she has Gendry, the bastard with the best glow-up, in attendance.


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Imagine being the kind of person who actually drinks enough water.

Like Sarah, I’m not mad about the Game of Thrones finale (spoilers here, obviously) , but like everyone else, I wish there was more story put into how we got there. And because the final season storyline was so flimsy, there’s room for creative ideas. This theory, from writer  Siobhan Thompson’s sister, would be logical in the context of the world that was built in earlier seasons, if the GoT writers hadn’t abandoned to push the fire and blood narrative.

Filming for Little Fires Everywhere has just started – and they added Joshua Jackson to the cast – but it’s going to be so good, I know it.


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I think Chelsea Handler is insufferable on the best of days, but this form of “don’t enjoy x because y is happening” preaching is pretty much the worst. People watch TV shows and vote and donate to causes they care about it. Caring about pop culture and caring about reproductive rights are not mutually exclusive. Chelsea has been promoting her work non-stop, which is fine, that’s her job. But does she think that no one should buy her book or watch her appearances because of what is happening in Alabama? What’s the “right” kind of entertainment, in her mind?

“The measles are back and so are the Jonas Brothers” – Billy Eichner is so underrated.


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