A story appeared over the weekend about Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks having beef and I am intrigued. Both of these men have a reputation for being kind and professional, and that is not something either of them could fake for decades. But they worked on Turner and Hooch together and there were some issues – Henry was the director, and then he wasn’t. Was their good guy-ness actually what drove them apart, like two positive electrons that repel each another?



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We should go back to calling it feorting. A bit of a rebrand to make it more sophisticated. 


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Mila Kunis appeared on a podcast and said that in 20-30 years she would do Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but only for a season. If you think about the way long-term careers are going, not for the mega A-listers or the ones who made bank on a comic book movie, is it the worst plan? For an actress who takes a lot of time off, then wants to work again in her 50s or 60s, reality TV (maybe not that specific show, but the genre) is becoming more of a viable option every season. 


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Miranda Lambert is campaigning for CMA Entertainer of the Year not for herself, but for Carrie Underwood. This isn’t the first time Miranda has spoken up about Carrie – in a 2017 interview, she talked about how even a woman as accomplished as Carrie has problems getting played on country radio.  


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Apple picking has overtaken the pumpkin patch as the preferred Instagram activity for couples that share an email address.