Millie Bobby Brown is getting flack for a face washing tutorial gone awry (apparently she was, gasp, faking it. On the internet of all places!). She has her own line, so I consider this a commercial. In skin care commercials, women stand at the sink and fill their cupped hands with water and then throw what looks like a bucket’s worth into their faces with complete abandon. They don’t ever seem to worry about soaking their shirts or water dripping onto the floor. Skin care and “authenticity” is such a weird lane – like if we are expected to believe Jennifer Aniston uses Aveeno (LOL) why is this face washing tutorial so egregious.


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Oh imagine the headlines Town & Country comes up for this cover. I’m assuming it will be a cover if Sophia agreed to participate. I had to Google it, but her daughter-in-law played Pacey’s sister Gretchen on Dawson’s Creek. I don’t know if I remember that season?


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New York Fashion Week is a bit of a mess because it has been sullied by all of the events that capitalize on the extra media around that time, so there’s always a Teen Mom or Real Housewife floating around, looking for press crumbs. Tom Ford is now chairman of CFDA (he took over from Diane von Furstenberg) and he has shortened the “week” to five days and is bringing in more international designers, making it tighter but also more far-reaching. For a deep dive into how much that world has changed, read Matthew Schneier’s “2009 Killed Fashion As We Knew It”, an examination of how quickly things were changing (retail was fading, bloggers were rising) and no one was quite ready for what came next. That’s where we are now. 


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Chance the Rapper is taking paternity leave, which is the first time I think I’ve ever seen a male celebrity announce it so specifically and publicly. 


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This photo is a couple of weeks old but gave me a chuckle; it’s Magic Johnson soaking his feet after his 60th birthday party. Magic is a legend in the basketball world and probably still in excellent shape. He’s been on his feet a lot in his life. And this is what dancing does! Even in the most expensive shoes on a yacht, it still hurts your feet. The people who dance for hours and hours a day, be it Beyoncé or JLo or Gaga or their backup dancers or teachers or choreographers, have tougher feet than basketball players. Just saying.


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Have we seen The Weeknd’s new moustache? Is this like when a woman is going through something deep and gets bangs? He’s up in his feelings, for sure.


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