Madonna is writing a biopic with Diablo Cody. There’s been Straight Outta Compton, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Rocketman in the last few years – all pretty celebrated – and Madonna is as influential and important as N.W.A., Queen, and Elton John. Her dramatic life and trailblazing career is perfect for this kind of biopic, but there’s something that makes even the most ardent fan a little nervous – will she be playing Madonna? Will she direct? Will she even let someone else play her? If there is a role up for grabs, who do you think is the frontrunner? Miley Cyrus, maybe. Or Lourdes. 

What do you think the guy who catfished his wife as Jason Mantzoukas is doing today? Would love an update on that whole situation.

This weekend, Taylor Swift was tweeting with her friends Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. But then there’s Lindsay Lohan. What do you think she wanted to ask Taylor? Lindsay sometimes does this – she will randomly tweet a celeb or fan account and her response rate hovers at around 0%.

Lainey and I both mentioned Fast Times At Ridgemont High, which didn’t go ahead because of “technical difficulties.” What could have possibly happened – not enough ring lights? Apparently it’s set to go this week

Henry Golding (who is also part of the live read) in a pool. That is all. 

Everyone is pissed that a TikTok star has been cast in a She’s All That remake. Maybe it’s because I have no affinity for this movie or because I don’t find TikTokers as egregious as some people do, but this person makes a great point – we accept every kind of nepotism as normal. Addison Rae built her own platform and fandom, so why is it so offensive that she’s getting offers based on that?

Carrie Bradshaw would absolutely have the dumbest and least effective mask. If you are mad about that, search your heart: it’s true. Everyone knows she was an asshole. (Not to be confused with SJP, who is very responsible and by all accounts lovely.)

During quarantine, Ryan Atwood turned 42 and became a Zaddy.