Duana wrote about Kirsten Dunst and Landry at the Emmys – I agree with every single point. They definitely left early, they definitely stopped for burgers, and they definitely ate them while watching the playback to see if they could find themselves crouching in the background after losing their seats.


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Was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip as pretentious and laughably righteous as I remember? I watched the trailer today and yes, yes it was. 

Why is this even a question? You let her in, Drew. Obviously!

I am very interested to know how tight Stella McCartney and Madonna are (or aren’t). We know Stella and Gwyneth Paltrow are still close (Stella was at her stag in Cabo). Liv Tyler and Stella are really tight, and Liv was at G’s engagement party. Madonna and Gwyneth both left London years ago, yet it is that group of friends that still connects them, however tenuously. 


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I would much rather wait at the valet pick-up with Hannah Gadsby and Sandra Oh than watch Justin Timberlake jump around the after-party like a hyperactive toddler up past his bedtime.  

Like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner, I can’t give myself a blowout or flat-iron my hair. So they use hot rollers. I rely on a top bun. I’m obviously not fit to be a Southern woman because I don’t have the gumption to drive anywhere with rollers attached to my head. It would give me a headache 


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We know Chris McMillan is Jennifer Aniston’s long-time hair stylist (he invented The Rachel). They are still tight. For the Emmys, Chris did Amy Sedaris’s hair. When Jen and Justin got married, Amy was his best man. This time last year, Amy interviewed Jen for Harper’s BAZAAR. This is what I’ve always wondered about the hair and makeup teams – beyond scheduling (which I’m also interested in on a night like the Emmys), do things like divorce and feuds play into their client lists? Maybe not in this particular case (Amy and Jen probably stayed friendly) but how do you navigate that? And how do you navigate the general chit-chat? Does Chris ask about Justin, whom he must know, or is he worried that if he does ask about it, Jen will get upset because then Justin will think she cares? And part of the fun of getting ready with other people is gossiping – how do you gossip in neutral territory? 


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Paulina hasn’t updated her Instagram since I last wrote about her status with Dustin Johnson, but she did post this video of her lying in bed with Dustin Lynch’s “I’d Be Jealous Too” playing. I don’t know if the singer’s name is a coincidence, but I do know that the FedExCup playoffs are this weekend, and Dustin will be competing. So she’s messing with his head. I stan her pettiness.