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Ring the alarm! Liam Gallagher did 73 Questions with Vogue. The interviewer seems kind of nervous and I don’t blame him, but Liam is relatively amenable (compared to other interviews). Obviously these questions are pre-planned and usually the pace is rapid fire, but Liam seems to totally be going off the cuff. He doesn’t answer several questions, not out of malice but just out of antipathy. I clocked how long it took him to mention Noel: a minute. (Thank you to everyone who tagged me in this. An honour.)


John Legend’s Trailer Talk is what I imagine Quibi shows will be like.


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Adam Sandler is not a bad actor, but he clearly prefers to spend 90% of his career making terrible comedies in really nice locations (like Hawaii and the Amalfi Coast) with his friends. His new movie, Uncut Gems is giving me major Goodfellas/Wolf of Wall Street vibes. It’s being released in December and we know what that means, as Joanna wrote at TIFF: he’s running. Should Joaquin Phoenix be nervous?


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Cousin Greg (government name: Nicholas Braun) is a breakout star on a breakout show and his reaction to the Emmys (surprise, delight, hunger for Cajun chicken linguine) is as delightful as you’d want it to be


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This morning I wrote about Ashton Kutcher’s reaction to Demi Moore’s new book, Inside Out. Jon Cryer also appears in the book and his reaction is much funnier and quite relatable – even he’s surprised he had sex with Demi Moore. And you know what other connection is here? Ashton took over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. 

There’s a trademark dispute happening between a small events planning business and the Beygency. You can read the details here and make your own judgements, but I’d hate to see the event planner’s inbox today. It’s just a matter of time until the BeyHive swarms.


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Happy Birthday to my best friend, here’s a shot of him toasting me at my wedding. 


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