The Lainey Gossip team is divided on whether or not Noah Centino in a tree is different than Kellan Lutz in a tree. To recap: two tree climbing photos and one of him on top of a traffic light.  


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How did Rob Lowe decide to take on this very specific song genre? (Also, do not slander "We Didn’t Start the Fire" in my timeline.)


January Jones went over her skin care routine on Instagram and I am again tempted by this LED mask. But does it work? If you have one, please tell me the truth. I can be a real sucker. 


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Not to be outdone, George will stream it on Instagram Live and have his best friend, Jerry Seinfeld, host it. (It’s true! Jerry and George are BFF.)

Why didn’t we ever find out what happened with the Lindsay Lohan/Vanessa Minnillo knife photos leaked in 2007. I’m still curious.   


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goop’s (or is it Goop? I never know) latest podcast is with Chrissy Teigen. This is a must-listen for me, as soon as possible. GP took time out of her schedule to interview Chrissy herself (interesting, as she must be very busy with the 10-year anniversary, her birthday, and the upcoming wedding). Gwyneth doesn’t do all of the interviews, just the big names like Oprah and SJP. 


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Rashida Jones had a baby and all the headlines are calling it a “secret.” Is it though? Or did she just not post it on Instagram. She has not responded to any of the outlets’ request for comments, and so PEOPLE went and tracked down the birth certificate. Which isn’t necessary. Who is demanding to know when Rashida Jones’ baby was born?


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“It was called the Icons party but there were no icons there.” Instant classic. 


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